Nicole Calafiore

BFA Fashion Marketing & Management

Fashion Monger


Ever since I was a little girl, I loved to play dress up and when I was five, my grandmother taught me to sew buttons. I was hooked instantly, redesigning all of my stuffed animals clothes with buttons. As I got older, I doodled dresses in all of my school notebooks and from there, I would start taking beach towels and wrapping them different ways, imagining they were gowns. In high school there were fashion sewing classes that I excelled in, winning awards and recognition among other high schools. It was there I learned the construction and deconstruction of garments, modifying the patterns to fit my style and going outside the cookie cutter patterns we were required to do. 

I love sewing and creating pieces of art, not just your typical ready to wear dress. I first attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York where I obtained an Associates Degree. The program lacked the level of creativity I was looking for so I transferred to the Savannah College of Art and Design to complete my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Fashion Marketing and Management. At SCAD, I not only learned the business aspect of my major but I also got to explore the design side and expand my creativity. I became very interested in Graphic Design and Photography, using my personal time to build up my skill level. 

The question I get most asked is 'why the anchor?' I have an anchor tattoo on my left wrist. I got it for my grandpa right when I turned 18 and that's what people see first when they meet me so I've just become known for my anchor, having necklaces, bracelets, USBs (everything I have has anchors) and it felt very fitting to make that my logo.